Experts-Solidaires, in partnership with the municipality of Mangaoaka, DIANA region in Madagascar and ANKA, is working on the establishment of the “Electrified Community Zone”. This pilot project aims to improve the living and income conditions of the rural population of Mangoaka through reliable and sustainable access to electricity and support for its use.
Through dual efforts to enhance the solar resource and support local economic sectors, the project aims to develop local economic activities, access to basic commercial services and improve social services ( health, education, administration).

The ECZ is a rural development center that connects local actors in the service of economic and social development, with a view to green and participatory growth.
The innovation of the ECZ lies in the combination of three lines of action:
1. The provision of energy on a solar base in a space accessible to contractors, located in the center of the selected area
2. Supporting local economic sectors through technical assistance, the acquisition of processing electrical equipment and green mobility.
3. Supporting local economic development to improve the incomes of the inhabitants and the municipality to enable, in the long run, to extend a network distributing electricity to households.

This first pilot phase is supported by the EDF Foundation, which we thank for their trust!

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