SpécialitéHabitat et Urbanisme
Domaine d’expertiseHabitat et Urbanisme
Pays d’expertiseArgentine, Bolivie, Brésil, Chine, Inde, Viêt Nam

I have a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a doctorate in political science, obtained from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland) after a 2-year stint as a doctoral fellow in Mexico City and a year in Berkeley, California, USA. After that I worked for more than 3 years for the SDC, a Swiss development cooperation agency, mainly as a manager in a slum rehabilitation project in Douala and as the SDC’s representative in Cameroon. I learned my trade there, which I then transferred to EPFL, hired in 1989 as an urban researcher. I have led many interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary urban research projects, with the desire to mix disciplines and sectors to achieve goals that can be translated into actions on the ground. I took up this same approach in 2002 as director of cooperation for the whole of EPFL. I have also been director of a UNESCO Chair on Technologies and Development since 2007. And tenured professor since 2005, with about fifteen PhD students supervised during these years.