In Benin, more than 100,000 hectares of forest disappear each year. A phenomenon of massive deforestation that does not spare the borough of Zaffé, located in the commune of Glazoué, in the south-central part of the country.

Experts-Solidaires was asked by the Beninese association Esho Ko Iya (translating as “youth fighting misery”) and the village of Zaffé for technical support.

Together, we want to set up an integrated forest resource managementproject that would both save the local forest and help the people of Zaffé live better.

To carry out this project, we need you and that’s why we’re launching a donation campaign on Hello Asso.

In order to restore the borough’s forest cover and help zaffé residents to carry out sustainable and profitable activities, Experts-Solidaires and Esho Ko Iya have jointly defined a comprehensive project with three components:

  • A forest axis that aims to protect and increase forest cover in an organized and sustainable way.
  • An economic axis that aims to promote activities that generate sustainable incomes, in particular to divert the population from the production of charcoal.
  • A social and institutional axis aimed at ensuring the sustainability of forest cover through local and citizen governance.

The completion of this project will allow more than 1,300 direct beneficiaries to benefit from the expertise of our various partners and in the long run will improve the living conditions of the 13,000 inhabitants of the borough.


More than ever, we count on your generosity!

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