Togo Tabligo water and sanitation The "Improvement Project of the Water and Sanitation Service of Tabligbo" (ASEAT) proposes to improve sustainably the access to the drinking water and sanitation service in the municipality of Tabligbo ... MORE DETAILS Togo, Tabligbo Maroc Ait Ibourg Drinking Water, GIRE The Arghen valley, comprising 5 identified rural communes, namely Arazane, Toughmart, Imi N'Tayart, Nihit and Adar, was the territory retained by the Souss Massa Basin Agency ... MORE DETAILS Morocco, Aït Ibourg Maroc Arghen Rural tourism in the valley The project aims to contribute to the development of rural and solidarity tourism in rural communes already engaged with Herault communes as part of Solidarité Eau Loi Oudin projects ... MORE DETAILS Morocco, Arghen Cameroun Lobo Drinking Water and Sanitation The project aims to improve access to drinking water and sanitation in 10 villages in the commune of Lobo, south-east of Yaoundé in Cameroon, by setting up 10 boreholes equipped with hand pumps. MORE DETAILS Cameroon, Lobo Madagascar Atsimo Andrefana Drinking water This project is part of a decentralized cooperation between SEDIF and the municipalities of the province of Atsimo Andrefana, in the southwest of Madagascar. This cooperation lasts since 2008 ... MORE DETAILS Madagascar, Atsimo Andrefana
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